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We aim to inform you, with information which will help you with your next project around the house or on the next construction site.

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What is a Linear Metre

Have you ever wondered what a linear metre is, particularly as an Australian? Our comprehensive guide aims to answer just that

Builder FAQs

Farm Fencing [Price Guide 2021]

Farm fencing is very important to managing livestock on an agricultural paddock. Get the full Australian guide on buying a Fence for the farm

Outdoor Fencing
Martin R1 2 1/4 MST Bushing, Ductile Iron, Inch, 2.25" Bore, 4"

Colorbond Fencing Costs and Prices

Colorbond fencing costs in Australia depend on many factors and the most significant is the size and style of the panels. Having said that, the Colorbond fence cost can go in the range of $13 to $60 per metre.

Outdoor Fencing

Concrete Slab Costs (m2, House, Shed) [2021]

How much a concrete slab costs around Australia for various use cases such as a shed or house in 2021? Look for further than Specifier Australia


Relevant Leads for your Trade Business

At Specifier, we specialise in sending your trade and building leads, which are generated using inbound marketing. This means leads who are looking for your services and are interested in relevant content

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Recent Home Improvement Guides

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost To Run

Ducted air conditioning system costs to run and the differences between split system and ducted air conditioning. Here at Specifier read about the costs and what is best for you to choose.

Air Conditioning

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Air Conditioner?

We all worry about how much it will cost us to run an air conditioner at home. At Specifier read about the running costs for different types of air conditioners.

Air Conditioning

Painting Rates Per m2

When it comes to painting the house, this is usually messy and boring work that we have to do almost every year. Read some useful tips on how to save on the cost and what to do.


Automatic Garage Door Opener Prices

A garage door opener is a device that opens and closes the garage door. What type of garage door opener is the best for your garage? Read here at Specifier.


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